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How to Navigate 'My Weets' Page
How to Navigate 'My Weets' Page

Explore your homepage with these tips

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πŸ‘‰ Prefer a video? We made a quick Weet 😎 with this same info!


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Look in the top right corner and find your Notifications icon that looks like a bell. These will keep you up-to-date with other Weeters!

Step 3: Use the "+ CREATE WEET" button to record a new Weet!

Step 4: On the left panes, toggle between your various Workspaces and organize your videos by Channels.

Step 5: Share individual Weets from the homepage by accessing the "SHARE" button below each Weet. Simply enter email addresses of people you want to share with, or select from users listed below.

Step 6: Click the button in the top right corner of each Weet to add a section, duplicate, share or delete it.

😎 That's it! Now you're a pro navigator of your Weet page!

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