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Why is Weet better than Google Meet?
Why is Weet better than Google Meet?

Discover 5 reasons why Weet is easier to use and more effective

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Are you still using Google Meet because that’s what you and your team are used to? Are you looking for an alternative that better suits your needs and schedules?

Look no further than Weet!

Weet offers more versatility and functionality for remote teams than other platforms. We can do this because our tool is built for asynchronous communication. This means that everyone involved in the meeting does not need to attend at the same time!

Imagine creating and sharing a quick video message of the information you need to communicate. Your recipients simply answer and collaborate according to their schedules. All of the content and interaction is stored in your Weet!

There are so many reasons to use Weet in place of traditional, synchronous platforms. Need some more?

1. Clearer Video Quality

With Weet, your video quality is always crisp and clear as opposed to Meet and Zoom. There’s no lagging or waiting around for someone else’s connection to return. Also, with a clear connection, you can easily see people’s faces, emotions, reactions, and get a better idea of their tone.

2. One Speaker at a Time

Eliminate accidentally talking over each other. With Weet, there is no question who is presenting, and it’s not possible to speak over each other.

3. More Features

Weet offers many features. Try our virtual backgrounds, including fun, holiday-themed ones throughout the year. Weet’s default playback is 1.2x because we know your time is valuable. With Weet, you can record your screen, video, or just audio.

You can change your sharing settings to public or private, and also delete old content and add fresh content to previously-created Weets. The options in Weet are limitless.

4. No Limits

Although it’s completely free, you can share your Weets with as many people as you’d like. You can also add as many sections to your Weets as you want!

5. Weet Leverages Asynchronous Communication

Along with you, we at Weet have watched as communication changes right before our eyes. Remote working and living means workplaces and beyond are demanding new solutions. The old way of doing things isn’t always going to work and Weet can see a glimpse into the future. And that future is asynchronous.


Google Meet and Zoom aren’t enough to meet our new communication needs moving forward. We need innovative, asynchronous options.

That’s why Weet is a valuable new tool that is here to stay. Try it today!

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