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How to automatically create subtitles when recording a weet
How to automatically create subtitles when recording a weet
Learn how to use Weet's AI-powered transcription feature to create subtitles (aka captions)
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Step 1:

Record and save your Weet as usual.

Step 2:

After you save your weet, select the Transcript tab on the top right next to the Interactions tab.

Step 3:

After your subtitles quickly load, select "New subtitles"

Step 4:

Select any language from dozens of options in the dropdown menu, then click "Create Subtitles". You will have the option to add any number of additional languages shortly.

Step 5:

Once your subtitles have loaded you will be directed to the "Validate Subtitles" screen. On the left half of the screen, select a line of text at a time to edit the text.


Check text carefully as it is automatically generated and may contain errors.

Step 6:

On the right half of the "Validate Subtitles" screen, select any section to drag the handles on either side to change the duration. This will determine when the selected captions appear in your video.

When your edits are complete, click "Validate Subtitle" in the top right corner.


Use the Undo and Redo buttons in the top left corner of the "Validate Subtitles" page.

Step 7:

Select as many languages as you want from the dropdown menu to translate your subtitles to. Select "Launch Translation" below once you've selected all languages you need.

Step 8:

Edit any of the translations created just like you did before by using the dropdown menu in the top left.

Edit text on the left, and subtitle duration on the right. Select "Validate Translation" in the top right when your edits are complete.


Did you forget to add a language? No problem! Add (or delete) any by selecting "Manage Languages" on the top of this screen.

Step 9: Your subtitles are complete! πŸ₯³

Mange and edit them on the following page. Return to this page any time by viewing your weet and toggling to the Transcript tab located on the right of your Weet and clicking on the pencil icon. (see below)

View your subtitles in the Transcript tab located to the right of your Weet. Switch to any of the translations created with the dropdown menu. Manage and edit any of your translations any time by clicking the pencil icon.

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