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How to cancel background noise when recording your Weet
How to cancel background noise when recording your Weet
Learn how to use Weet's noise cancellation feature
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*Note* Noise cancellation will stay on until you turn it off. Do not use noise cancellation in a quiet environment, only when there is excess noise.

Step 1: Click "Create Weet" from your homepage.

Step 2: in the bottom left corner, select the menu that looks like a gear.

Step 3: Under "Noise cancellation" select "Soft" or "Medium" depending on how loud your environment is. You're all set to record high-quality sound, even in a noisy environment! πŸ“’

*Note: Only use Noise Cancellation when it is necessary and your background is loud. We recommend turning it off when not needed, as it could affect sound quality.

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