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What are Channels and how do I create one?
What are Channels and how do I create one?
Use Channels to organize your info across teams, projects, departments, and more.
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Channels are a way to organize and share your weets. Add as many Channels as you want and share with specific people within your Workspace!


Step 1: Access your Channels on your Workspace panel on the left.

Step 2: To add a new Channel, click on the "+" button next to Channels to name your Channel.

Step 3: Browse other Channels to join -as long as they're unlocked!

  • The number in parenthesis after the Channel name denotes how many people are subscribed to that channel.

  • Channels that are locked have a little lock iconπŸ”’ next to them. You can only be invited to these Channels by the creator.

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