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  • Every user starts with a Workspace.

  • Create separate Workspaces for school, work, projects, and whatever else you need.

  • You can create an unlimited number of weets, though you will only be able to access the 10 most recent weets per Workspace.

Weet is designed to help teams communicate with clients. You can define a Workspace per client and use Channels inside of each Workspace to organize your discussions with your clients to differentiate between onboarding, sales proposals, support, how to etc…

We recommend creating one Workspace per client, inviting your team in each Workspace to collaborate on Weet before sending it to your clients. You can also invite your clients to your Workspace, so your client will be able to find all the weets shared with him in the same place, organized by Channels.


Step 1: Access your Workspaces on the left of your homepage. To add a new Workspace, select the "+" button on the left that says "create new Workspace."

Step 2: Name your fancy, new Workspace, and upload an icon if you'd like. 🤠

Step 3: Invite people to your team via email.

Step 4: Find your new Workspace in your Workspaces pane! Woo hoo! 🥳

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