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Customize your free account for your company
Customize your free account for your company
Add your logo and branded video backgrounds to your free Weet account
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πŸ‘‰ Prefer a video? We made a quick weet 😎 with this same info!

Instructions to Customize Workspace Logo

Step 1: From your Weet homepage, select the Workspace you want to customize on the far left purple panel.

Step 2: Select the dropdown menu by the Workspace name, then click on "Workspace Settings."

Step 3: Select "Edit Appearance."

Step 4: Select "Upload New Icon" and use any image saved to your device.

Instructions to Customize Video Background

Step 1: Create a Google Slide or PowerPoint slide with your company logo, or an image you want to present.

Step 2: Create your weet video and share the tab where your slide deck is.

Step 3: Record your Weet with your webcam AND branded background!

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