Step 1: When creating or editing a Weet, click the "Preview" button.

Step 2: Select "Advanced Editing."

Step 3: Choose from Trim, Chapter, and Edit Thumbnail.


🎩 Magic Trim

Don't worry if you cannot find the stop button, or need a few seconds to get back on track. Take your time! Magic Trim will automatically fix that by trimming unnecessary parts of your video.

βœ‚οΈ Manually Trim Imperfect Moments

Cut multiple sections at once. Use the zoom πŸ” feature to be accurate (100ms!! ) and remove anything you don’t love - like colleague interruptions, loading screens, or notifications.


Break up info within sections into chapters - that you can name - to help your audience understand and quickly find the info they need!

Edit Thumbnail:

Use this section to change your video thumbnail by:

  • uploading your own image

  • selecting any frame from your video

  • display weet title, duration, play icon, sticker (talking bubble)...

  • blur the screen

  • show your avatar (photo you uploaded) in place of the webcam video you recorded

Preview all of your unsaved changes on the bottom before saving!

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