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How to Use Interactions
How to Use Interactions

Learn how to add interactive annotations including any combination of

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Interactions are interactive annotations to provide more information and clarity to viewers.


Step 1: Record your weet video as usual. When you are ready to edit, select "Preview," which will take you to the Advanced Editing menu. Select the "Interactions" button on the bottom left.

Step 2: Navigate to the time of your video that you'd like to annotate. Select "Add Interaction" on the bottom

Step 3: A purple circle will signify your new Interaction. Drag-and-drop the circle to move the Interaction card around the screen.

Step 4: It's optional to click on the small pencil by the purple circle to change it to an icon that relates to your messaging.

Step 5: Click on the Plus Sign to edit your Interaction card. Add any combination of a:

  • title

  • image

  • description

  • button with a link

Step 6: On the small menu to on the left of your interaction card you have the option to

  1. Delete the card

  2. Clear the contents of the card to start over

  3. Make the card visible all the time, or only when the user clicks on the interaction.

Step 7: Determine the timing and duration that each individual Interaction appears on viewers' screens by setting the start and end time.

Step 8: Click "Save Changes" to save and share your weet video. Remember, you can always update your weet even after you've saved and shared it!

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