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What is Weet?
How to upgrade your Weet plan
Customize your free account for your company
Fix Chrome recording error for Mac
Fix ‘’Recording stream error’’ for Windows
How do I move a weet video between Workspaces?
How do I upgrade my Workspace?
Why can users share weets in a private Channel that they are not a part of?
Can I get started for free?
How will you bill me?
Can I add more creator members to my workspace even if I already hit my number of seats purchased?
What happens if I hit my 10 video history limit on the free plan?
If I move a weet from one Workspace to another, do I have to send a new link to my audience?
Why can't I record more than 8 minutes per weet (even if I upgrade to the business version)?
Do I get a refund if I deactivate creator members from my Workspace?
How to edit subtitles
How can I allow another person to edit and download my weet?
How to share your screen
What is AI Camera Framing and how do I use it?
How to use custom branding features in your premium Workspace
How to move, remove, and resize your webcam bubble (sticker)
How to view a Workspace invoice
How to use Advanced Editing
How to use Download Options
How to Upload a Video File to Your Weet
Microsoft Teams Weet Integration Guide
How to combine 2 or more weet videos
How to upload video files with noise cancellation
How to turn comments and emoji reactions on and off
How to update or edit an existing weet
How to customize your video background
How do I create a new Weet?
Unable to share your weet? Try this!
Why are the names of my Channels changing?
How to install the Weet browser extension
Where can I submit product feature requests?
Why do I have to reset my password, even though I know my credentials are correct?
How do I create a weet with the browser extension?
My team wants to cancel its subscription. How do we do that? Can we get a refund?
How can I turn my Webcam on and off?
We need to add new users to our team. How will that be billed?
What is a section in a Weet?
Our team has several accounts which are not actively used, but we don’t want to disable. Do we still have to pay for them?
How to add a section to an existing weet
Can I use Weet for free?
How do I share my weet?
Can I upgrade Weet just for myself, instead of upgrading everyone in our Workspace?
How to Comment on or Reply to a Weet
Do I get a refund if I cancel?
Is there a limit to how many weets I can create?
What are my payment options?
How much does Weet cost?
What is the difference between private and public Channels?
How do I delete a single weet?
Is there a discounted plan for Schools and Education?
How to Navigate 'My Weets' Page
What happens when my team or I need to access weets beyond the limited history available with the Free plan?
Can I start a free trial of paid plans?
What is the difference between a personal and team Workspace?
How do I create custom virtual backgrounds for my camera?
Who can I add to my Workspace?
How to cancel background noise when recording your Weet
What is a Workspace and how do I create one?
What are Channels and how do I create one?
Can I hide my webcam?
What is a Chapter and how do I create one?
Unable to Download a Weet? Here's the fix!
Mac Camera + Mic Access
How to automatically create subtitles when recording a weet
Why is Weet better than Google Meet?
How to get the Weet Slack integration
How to enable screen share on Chrome Mac
Does Weet have a time limit?
What analytics does Weet offer?
Try these quick fixes if you can't record your Weet
Which Browsers Are Supported by Weet?
How do I embed my weet into another web page?
How many people can I share my Weet with?
How do I comment on a Weet with a screen recording?
How do emoji reactions work in Weet?
How do I invite someone to collaborate on my Weet?
Why won't my microphone or camera record audio or video?
How can I optimize the screen ratio when recording my screen?
How do I download my weet?
How do I change the camera and audio settings for my Weets?
How to change your Weet sharing settings
What is the difference between Weet and a video conference platform such as Zoom or Meet?
How do I contact Weet support?
How are Weets organized on my homepage?
How to change the title of your weet
Which devices can run Weet?
How do I choose a camera filter or virtual background?
How do I change my Account settings?
How do I delete my Weet account?
How to Use Interactions